Carpet serves as a catch-all in your home or office space. Think of it as a giant filter where all your dander, skin shed, hair, dust, soils from shoes, oils, allergens, etcetera, wind up — trapped, and waiting for a good cleanse. Professional steam cleaning injects high-temperature water (250ºF+) into the carpet fibres and then extracts the moisture back out of the carpet using powerful suction.

We recommend cleaning your carpets at least once a year. Homes with kids and pets, as well as businesses that cater to high volumes of people (like restaurants or clinics) may benefit from cleaning twice or more per year. Carpet cleaning is about more than just looking clean and restored. It's also about health. Flushing out contaminants will give you peace of mind and a fresher space to live and work in, or to share with your customers.

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