Commercial, retail, and other work-spaces are often orders of magnitude dirtier than our homes. We provide a full suite of services catered to these higher-traffic spaces. Whether it's your office's lobby tile or work floor carpets or maybe your restaurant's greasy carpets and seating, we've got you covered.

We have special industrial-grade equipment and cleaning solutions to meet the tough demands of commercial spaces. Expectations in commercial environments are key: highly trafficked and intensely soiled carpet, tile, or upholstery will likely not look "brand new" given the excess wear and tear they are subject to, but cleanliness is about more than just appearance. It's also about contaminants, oils, allergens, and the like. Particularly if you operate a space that serves food or medical services, hygiene should be a key factor in your maintenance routine, ensuring proper sanitary standards for your customers.

For commercial customers, we often like to perform an in-person estimate to account for precise measurements and condition assessment, but you can also email or text us images to get a rough idea.

We offer free estimates. Give us a call at 778-829-4557 to discuss your space, and how we can help to revitalize it, or use the link below to reach out, and we'll get back to you shortly.

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