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Professional, Efficient & Cost Effective Cleaning

Coquitlam Tile and Grout professional cleaning services offer a convenient and effective approach that eliminates hours of scrubbing and the required use of harsh or toxic chemicals.

Coquitlam Tile & Grout  utilize a powerful truck mounted cleaning system, it will safely and effectively remove built up dirt, grime and stains returning your tile and grout surfaces to a “like new” condition, saving you valuable time and restoring the cleanliness and lustre of your tile and grout floors and walls. Our tile and grout cleaning process utilizes a special cleaning procedure with high pressure, hot water rinse with a fully enclosed vacuum cleaning system and high power extraction that completely removes all soil and leaves your floor or walled areas sparkling clean and with a fresh appearance. Our professional cleaners use highly specialized cleaning procedures and solutions to remove the dirt and grime from your grout and bringing the grout back to near its original colour. 

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Steam Vapor Cleaning

We can clean with 320 degree Vapour steam, NO CHEMICALS used with this system, unless absolutely needed, This system is the way to clean shower stalls and bathroom tile on walls, it is a guaranteed way to completely sanitize your bathroom.

Ask about Kitchen counters and islands, back splashes, anywhere where you want the assurance that what we clean will kill all bacteria.

Don't forget to ask us about sanitizing all your beds! 

Depending on the condition  $1-$1.30 per square ft.

Our minimum service call for tile cleaning is $150.00

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 Coquitlam Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Phone: 778-829-4557

Shower stalls  start at $100.00, if basin needs a good cleaning we charge 30.00, if the shower has never been cleaned and in really rough shape this price does not apply.

Showers must be dry when we arrive, we ask that you remove all body hair from the area, floors must be free of all debris, swept or vacuumed is asked of you.

Please remember, grout is porous, if you have never sealed the grout or cleaned regularly price will be based on time

 Coquitlam Tile And Grout Cleaning Services For Commercial, Office And Retail Settings...

Your investment in tiled hard floor and wall surfaces can be protected, enhanced and maintained with Coquitlam Tile and Grout cleaning solutions. Dirt trapped in the seams and pores of your tile and grout can cause your surfaces to look dark and dirty and detract from the aesthetic appearance and healthy environment for your business.  It is usually very difficult to remove with traditional cleaning methods or over the counter chemical products and We provide the specialized tile and grout cleaning expertise and equipment for proper tile and grout cleaning.

Coquitlam tile and grout cleaning services can be used to clean, revive and protect floors and walls in your home
Areas of particular concern include entrance ways and foyers, bathrooms and showers, kitchens and eating areas where dirt, grime, mold and mildew may affect the appearance of tile and grout on floors and walls.

You’ve made an excellent decision investing in ceramic or nature stone tile. These floors can provide years of beauty. Though sold as being ‘maintenance free’, tile and grout accumulate stains and soil that are
difficult to remove and unfortunately household mopping becomes ineffective.   
Enjoy Your Free Time!
Put us to work!  We'll use high heat extraction, mechanical scrubbing and the proper detergents to flush away deeply embedded soil and leave your tile and grout looking great (all without you spending any time scrubbing grout with a tooth brush). 

Thanks Again for the terrific job you and your son Justin did on our carpets and tile.

The kitchen floor truly was like new, my husband was "floored"  (ha ha) by the difference. The colour was night and day once you went to work.

This is truly shocking as I have scrubbed that floor many times on my hands and knees and was never able to get the kitchen tile so clean. I also was very pleased with the kitchen counter tops. You could actually feel the difference in the granite, that gritty feel had been removed and was left with a shiny, smooth surface. More importantly I am pleased to know the we have sanitized our kitchen workspace and now sealed our counter tops to keep germs at bay. As you can appreciate with a 3 year old at home we want our living space to be as clean as possible, Thank you for helping us achieve that!!

 Erin G

Port Moody 

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