Tile and grout are often neglected in home and office maintenance. But mopping only does so much: chiefly, it spreads dirty water around, which soaks into surface pores and grout lines, weathering them over time and leaving them dull looking. 

Professional cleaning uses high-pressure water injection and strong extraction to burrow deep into every nook and cranny, pulling contaminants and oils, removing as many surfaces stains as possible. What's left is a clean, healthy floor, with revitalized colour and sheen. Light coloured grout lines are especially in need of regular maintenance to keep them from turning permanently darker over time, but dark grout needs attention, too. Just because you can't see the grime doesn't mean it isn't there. 

 After the floors have completely dried, sealant can be applied to help protect your hard surface flooring and grout lines. While we don't provide sealing services, we can point you in the right direction after cleaning.

We offer free estimates. Give us a call at 778-829-4557 to discuss your space, and how we can help to revitalize it, or use the link below to reach out, and we'll get back to you shortly.

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